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Creating Characters

“Every character should want something, even if it’s just a glass of water.” –Kurt Vonnegut How do you create characters? What is the process? Well, first, I want to just […]


Creating Characters

There are four separate books running around my head, right now. Each with different plots, characters, and storylines. If you spend any time around me, you’ll hear me exclaim that […]

The Best Laid Plans…

If you’ve known me long, you’ll know that my favorite quote is from the poem “To a Mouse,” by Robert Burns wherein he writes “The best laid plans of mice and […]

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Prophet’s Mantle Quotes

“Don’t let the voice of chaos drown out the voice of Truth.”


“Everyone of the souls around the table carried scars from being different…badges of honor.”


“It’s not the seen you should worry about, but the unseen.”