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Formatting Books

The Joys of Formatting You would think that with a degree in professional writing and many years spent formatting documents that formatting a book would be easy. Let’s just say […]

edits are done

The Edits are done | Prophet’s Mantle Update

Edits are Done! The edits are done! Woohoo! The Calling, Prophet’s Mantle Book 1 for all intents and purposes, is ready! Threw myself a little family dinner party and celebrated […]

music writing

Music and Writing

What music do you listen to? When I’m writing, the earplugs go in and the world gets blocked out. I’ve discovered this isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. One podcast I listen […]

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Prophet’s Mantle Quotes

“Don’t let the voice of chaos drown out the voice of Truth.”


“Everyone of the souls around the table carried scars from being different…badges of honor.”


“It’s not the seen you should worry about, but the unseen.”