Hello and Welcome!

Around my website, you'll see the phrase, "because we're all a work in progress." This phrase is very important to me. Why? Because just like a book, we're in the midst of a process. Whether that be learning who we are in Christ, how to operate in our gifting set, or even just realizing that He loves us. Unfortunately, there are churches and people who want to put God and His people in a box. They stifle spiritual gifts and silence abuses for religious reasons--and sometimes it's because they're not sure of God's love and heart towards them because they haven't gotten there in their process, yet. Just like the characters in my books, we're all a work in progress.   

In writing this first series, I've discovered something invigorating and totally fun. But be warned! While my first book series is definitely Christian, I can not promise that all of the book series will be so. It's not that I want to hide my faith or even that I am ashamed of it. Au contraire! It's more that each series will have it's own personality, it's own joie de vivre, if you will. Plus, I'm a bit eclectic in my reading and plan to attempt to write different things in different genres.

I would love to tell you some more about myself! But this building website stuff has kept me far too long from writing books that enthrall, excite, and challenge! So, keep checking my blog. At different times there will be different things to learn about me as well as questions posed to readers and maybe a few short stories to go along with my books, too. Who knows! Isn't the prospect exciting? But I can promise you this one thing. Christ is my inspiration, my muse, my sounding board, and my heartbeat. Forever will I be grateful to Him!

Thanks for reading! And drop me an email to discuss my books.

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