The Best Laid Plans…

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If you’ve known me long, you’ll know that my favorite quote is from the poem “To a Mouse,” by Robert Burns wherein he writes “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” (Translated and updated from a 1785 poem written in Scottish).

Although, honestly, I always think of Steinbeck whenever the situation brings this quote to mind.

When I published Prophet’s Mantle: The Calling, I thought everything was ready. Plans were roughed out, and there was a clear path.

That’s where my favorite quote comes into play because life went awry.

Suffice it to say, this has not been the summer imagined or planned.

A family emergency occurred at the beginning of June. The other day, I looked up and realized it’s August with school starting in a couple short weeks. Where did all that time go?

Have you ever had that happen to you? You had everything prepared then things outside your control took things in a completely different way?

What did you do about it?

Around here, we’ve been taking things one day at a time—finding ways to create breathing space in the small moments. Praise music has been playing in the background of my house most days, particularly Lauren Daigle, Plumb, and Rend Collective. Books have filled my Kindle and my tables.

Life is finally getting back to normal. The family emergency took its time to morph into a new way of living for a short bit, and is now no longer a huge issue. Kinda like thunderstorms—the ones that bring a deluge of water and crack over your house, scaring you to bits. Then the thunder and light become less intense, the rain starts to slow down and it becomes relaxing. Next thing you know, the storm has passed and the smell of ozone permeates everything, while all the water still glitters from the flowers and leaves. A new beginning.

Today is about new beginnings.

I’ve picked up my writing again-my mantle, so to speak.

It feels like the comfiest sweatshirt in the closet. You know, the one that’s super soft from years of wear. The one you reach for after a long day to help transition to the things you most want to do.

Which, for me, is writing in all its fun and various forms.

I’m so excited.

God’s grace and peace to you!

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