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The Joys of Formatting


You would think that with a degree in professional writing and many years spent formatting documents that formatting a book would be easy.

Let’s just say there’s a learning curve.

And it’s steep.

It’s kinda funny, though.

So, step 1, you write your book.

Step 2, you edit said book

Step 3, format the thing.

What all the books and gurus about writing forget to tell you though, is that formatting from the beginning of a book is far easier than doing it at the end. Note to self: If I ever write a how-to book about writing…include formatting!

I’ve heard that Scrivner is great for helping with this. However, Joanna Penn over at and other self-publishing mentor/authors mentioned that it doesn’t always format correctly for Kindle’s peek inside. They recommend Vellum-and so do a lot of other writers, actually.

So, while I’m saving my pennies, what is in store for the book?

Lots of formatting!

And while performing that function, I’ll probably run yet another edit. Cause I’m just crazy like that.

Somebody, though, will say I should have done yet another edit. It’s inevitable.

Ah well. Not even professionally edited books are perfect.

But that’s ok! Because it’s not just people that are works in progress…it’s also books 🙂

A big shout out to Lana Williams! Thank you for all your help, insight, and kindness.

Until next time,

Grace and Peace to you!

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