Jumping For Joy

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Today I am jumping for joy!

Book Joy

Do you ever have great news and want to share with people? One of those things you just want to jump up and down and shout for joy at the top of you lungs?

But then you look around and there’s nobody to jump around with? Yeah. That’s where I am today. Everybody is either at school or work. I tried calling some extended family, but alas, they didn’t pick up their phone.

So…you get to be the first to know!

The second draft of the manuscript is done! Woohoo! Thank you Lord!

It was some odd years ago that God gave me a dream and I just felt led to start writing. And guess what?

LOVE it!

Writing makes my heart soar. Yes, even the mundane moments and the moments where I’m crying right along with the characters in the book. I fought the desire to write fiction for a long time because it’s hard to “break in.” But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Writing brings me joy!

But now, it’s on to the “hard” stuff–beta readers, editing, cover design, etc.
And the big question:

Self-Publish or try the Traditional route?

Both have positive and negative points. But I’ll think about those things tomorrow, because today the manuscript is done.

Now. If you’ll excuse me. I have to get ready to go out to dinner because this is something to celebrate 🙂

God’s grace and peace to you.

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