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The Edits are done | Prophet’s Mantle Update

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Edits are Done!

The edits are done! Woohoo!

The Calling, Prophet’s Mantle Book 1 for all intents and purposes, is ready!

Threw myself a little family dinner party and celebrated with pizza. Is it published, yet? Nope, but we still celebrated. Why? Because it’s important to remember to celebrate accomplishments. There is so much to learn, consider, and decide.

I thought the hard part was going to be writing hundreds of pages.

Turns out the hard part is the details surrounding the book…things like edits, website, Facebook, formatting, etc. Toss in computer problems and add up all the expenses, it gets overwhelming. I’m not complaining, though!

I’m grateful self-publishing is even available.

And it no longer carries the stigma it once did.

Imagine how many amazing works of writing have been written but never published!

It’s mind boggling.


What’s up with the book? How much longer until it’s out?

All that’s left on my to-do-list is to have a cover designed and format the book for ePub and print.

After much prayer, and a conversation with my amazing author-mentor Lana Williams, the first book will be published in December. In the meantime, however, I’m writing books 2 and 3 in order to get them out and published in January then February.

That’s the goal.

Learning the ins and outs of all this, though, has me chomping at the bit to get the next two books done.

God’s grace and peace to you!

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