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Snow Days

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Snow Day!

snowy coffee

Today, we woke up to snow everywhere. My husband often laughs at what we call snow in these parts. It’s often closer to falling glitter than fluffy down. But today, it was the fluffy down type. The best part about it at this time of year, though, is the speed at which it dissipates. Today, though, today we will stay home and enjoy hot chocolate (or a mocha, in my case) and curling up under blankets to watch movies.

After I write, of course.

Snowy days are wonderful for writing!

A hot cup of mocha to warm the hands, classical music playing to keep the flow moving, and children’s laughter in the background so I can get some writing done. Perfect.

But my attention keeps being pulled to the cries of delight peeling from outside my window. I find myself standing at the door holding my cup and enjoying the mixture of tranquility with the busy-ness of children making forts and angels of snow.

So, today, I choose to relish in God’s creation. The laughter of children, the serenity snow creates, and the sweet simple pleasures.

Tomorrow, I will write.

Today, I will enjoy my children while they are young.

God’s grace and peace to you.

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