Hi! I’m Becca Hartman. First, I just want to thank you for stopping by.

I recently heard a term that quite fits the type of author I am…an emerging author. This means that I have written and published at least one book with more on the way.

Once upon a time in the years of middle school, the idea of becoming a writer was a career aspiration. Due to various reasons, it never came to fruition. That is, until a few years back. I woke from a dream and said, “I want to read that book.” Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could write a full length novel. It felt overwhelming and daunting. While it took me 8.5 years (which included the birth of two children and two job changes) to write the first one, I fell absolutely head over heals in love with writing. And don’t worry…I’ve drastically decreased my time to write a book!

So, here I stand with one book written to the point of being published on Amazon’s Kindle with the remainder of the series in the editorial process, and three short stories, of which two will be elongated to make novels.

I’m based in Colorado, US. Although I have lived in and travelled to other countries throughout the world, Colorado has been my home for most of my life. I love hiking and paddle-boarding, however you will occasionally find me on a mountain bike, as well. Every great long once in awhile you’ll find me along the shores of an ocean because I absolutely love the enormity and power that exists there. My favorite thing to do? Paddle-board in the morning, then sit on a beach in the afternoon and read a book. As you can imagine, there aren’t a lot of beaches in Colorado, so most of the time you’ll find me hiding away in some corner reading if I’m not working on a book.