The Calling

An ancient evil has reemerged, as have the Prophets determined to fight it.

Three women predestined.
One fateful night.
Ancient rituals resurrected.

Something sinister is drawing Danielle Allen, a former Prophet, back into the battle between good and evil. Her dreams and visions are becoming more intense by the day, calling her out of a hiatus and back into the battle. Although Danielle’s skill set is uniquely qualified for the task at hand, it has been over twenty years since she has had to use those skills.

In the mountain town of Merrimont, Colorado, malevolent beings have been growing and taking root, sucking the soul out of a small mountain community. Girls with broken pasts, now have no future. They have been found murdered with a tree symbol burned into their flesh.

In a place where evil sits side-by-side with the righteous, Danielle answers a call to risk her life and steps into a world for which she was created to save innocent lives.